Frequently Asked Questions

When should I expect to receive my clubs once I made payment?

As per our terms and conditions section stipulates, your clubs will ship within five to twenty one days maximum depending on the time of the year. Special orders excluded.

Are the D-23 irons and M-29 wedges only for the better players?

Absolutely not, the midsize D-23 irons are very forgiving on off center hits and can be played by golfers of all levels including golfers who are just taking the game. One of the main goals was to design both the D-23 irons and M-29 so these clubs would stay in your bag for as long as you play golf. We can sincerely say with confidence that we achieved our goal successfully.

Though no iron or wedge model will ever completely please every golfer’s preferences, we think these will cover a vast number of golfers especially those who prefer lower offset clubs of course.

Why aren’t there zero offset irons on the market today?

Most golf club companies have share holders they need to satisfy on a yearly basis and a business model that requires an extremely large amount of new club sales year after year. Going off stream is a risk most companies cannot afford to take given what’s at stake.

A good analogy is the single lengths clubs which have made a comeback in recent years, but despite their popularity and the fact that even one PGA tour player has won multiple times with single length’s clubs, there is currently only one OEM offering single lengths clubs. On a side note, Justin Thomas plays a custom set of Titleist  zero offset blades at the time of this writing.

Why do your clubs have weaker lofts than most new models sold today?

We believe it makes no sense to disguise a 6 iron into an 8 iron. We don’t believe companies are doing golfers any favors by making an 8 iron that goes yesterday’s 6 iron distance given the fact they then need to tool their 4i with yesterday’s 2i loft. We also strongly believe most golfers do not benefit from playing hard to hit long irons that have only 2° to 3° gap between them and shorter irons with 5° to 6° gap.

However if you are considering getting our D-23 irons and M-29 wedges and you are used to stronger lofts, or weaker, then at no cost we will happily bend your clubs to your likings free of charge. Please note that we don’t recommend making our lofts stronger than 2° due to the change of the bounce angle our clubs were designed with. Also bending a club stronger for loft does add offset, though it is negligible at a rate of 0.5mm per 1° of change. Bending weaker will do the opposite and also add a little bounce at a ratio of 1°/1°.

Are these HI COR irons?

No they are not, they are conventional irons and they feel great and solid at impact. All our launch monitor testing shows that HI COR irons add only a very small gain in distance for most average golfers and that only golfers with very high swing speeds will see more than a 4 yard gain in distance per iron number on average, and typically these golfers seek accuracy with their irons not extra distance.

We strongly believe that if a golfer needs a HI COR iron to gain more distance then the chances are this golfer needs a hybrid or a fairway wood to replace that long iron in the first place.

Can I order your clubs with shafts other than the ones you offer on your website?

Yes you can make a request through email, after which we will let you know whether we can get the shaft you are looking for and at what price. Please note that when you request a shaft or a grip that is not on our list of available shafts and grips, we cannot guarantee that your clubs will be shipped within 21 days.

I have never heard of the arias brand, how do I know if these are quality clubs?

Rest assured, we did not reinvent the wheel, both our D-23 irons and M-29 wedges have been designed with proven performance features that some of the most iconic and best selling models of all time already possess. In our testing, we put our clubs against the biggest names in golf only to find ourselves either matching or surpassing them.

We blended all the features we believe are both most effective and appealing together, thus the overwhelming positive response from golfers of all levels who all agree it is much easier to align to the target and not pull your shots using our D-23 irons and M-29 wedges. We use premium aftermarket shafts and grips, both the D-23 irons and M-29 wedges were vetted by legendary club designer Jeff Sheets, our heads are built in the same factory as one of the three biggest names in golf, and finally, we assemble all of our clubs ourselves free of typical tolerances found in nearly all golf clubs you buy off the rack.

You know you are finally getting a set of clubs that stands the chance of staying in your bag for as long as you play golf, now that’s an investment.

Why did you select 431ss for head material instead of 8620 carbon steel or 304ss?

Our annealed 431 ss is simply the best.  Some of the  myths that have been around for a long time as it relates to the production of iron and wedge heads is that 431ss can’t be bent as much as both 304ss and 8620 cs, and feels harder at impact when you strike the golf ball.

The reality is far different. All three can be bent up to around 6°, however, our 431ss heads go through a proprietary heat treatment process that yields an amazingly tight grain structure which is the key.  You will be hard pressed to find companies who deal with reliable factories that can consistently perform such heat treatment on 431ss.

As for impact feeling, this has also been refuted time and time again in blind tests that have taken place over the years in the long everlasting debate of cast vs forged. Just do a Google search on the matter! It’s all about the design and our heads feel as good as any. We ended up selecting 431ss because it is a metal that is sturdier; it doesn’t ding or show marks nearly as much as 304ss and 8620cs. And most importantly, heads made of 431ss keep their lofts and lies through regular play unlike carbon steel and 304ss heads. Since we designed these to stay in your bag, we chose a metal that could.