Terms & Conditions


All our orders are 100% custom, we do not assemble clubs in advance, we do not stock shafts, we order all shafts per customer order from True Temper’s Canadian headquarters in Kingston, Ontario. Once you pay your Paypal invoice, we start sorting out and set aside all D-23 and M-29 heads needed to build your clubs and IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER OR GET A REFUND.

If you notice you made a mistake in your order then you need to email us to let us know immediately, after which we will do our best to accommodate you. However depending on the case there may be additional costs associated with fixing your error. For example, if we need to order different shafts than the ones you asked for in your order then there would be both extra restocking and shipping fees associated with the error.  Please take due diligence and carefully review the Paypal invoice we send you for payment.


Your clubs will always ship within five days to a maximum of twenty one days from the moment you make your payment. (Except for all special orders that require a different shaft or grip from what we offer on our website) If we can’t meet this timeline you will always have the option of getting a full refund. We use Paypal which is the safest way to make purchases online since Paypal offers both buyer and seller protection in case of a dispute.


Arias golf strives to go above and beyond what most companies offer in terms of after sale service. We will always work with you to try to find a satisfying solution to all potential problems based on a good will approach.

Our lifetime warranty applies to any abnormal defects that relate to our in house assembly. Any original ferrule, original shaft, or original grip coming loose will be fixed for as long as you own your clubs, this warranty applies ONLY to the original purchaser of the clubs. Customer is responsible for shipping expenses and sending us the club or clubs that need repairs.

Arias will cover the shipping cost to send you the club or clubs back to you once they are fixed. In the case where shipping cost is higher or equivalent to getting your club or clubs fixed locally, we reserve the right to either arrange repairs or have you arrange repairs locally after which we will swiftly send you the matching cost of the repair through Paypal. All repair refunds subject to our approval first.

Our two year warranty applies to any shaft or head that breaks for no reason during the course of regular play, this warranty applies ONLY to the original purchaser of the clubs. Customer is responsible for shipping expenses and sending us the club or clubs that need repairs. Arias will cover the shipping cost to send you the club or clubs once they are fixed or replaced.

Our warranties may be void if you alter the club’s original specs depending on the case.


Because we always take the time to bend your clubs to spec initially before you take possession of your clubs, we don’t recommend and will not cover any damage your clubs may be subjected to if you get your clubs bent by someone else than us.

We have successfully bent some of our heads in testing more than 6° both ways without any issue, however,  we use the right bending bar along with the right technique which unfortunately few technicians have enough experience to perform correctly.

If you do get your clubs bent by someone else than us, please take the time to look for an experienced independent clubmaker who has years of experience doing it and you should be fine. We designed the hosels of our heads slightly longer to provide more bending points, they must be used diligently.

Finally, all our heads are chrome platted just like any heads made of carbon steel, the chrome plating may stretch or crack during bending so be aware of that.


As stated above, we always take the time to bend your clubs so that they are on spec when you get your clubs, nearly 99% of golf clubs sold on the market today do not go through this quality control procedure. Therefore, your clubs will have very small marks that typically go unnoticed which are unavoidable part of the bending process.

But rest assured, you will likely make far more perceivable marks on your heads playing just one round of golf with your clubs than the marks left by the bending of your clubs. ** Please take note that if you request your loft or lie angle to be either flatter or more upright by 3 degrees or more, you then may have small stretch marks on the chrome plating of the hosels where bending takes place **


Though we try our very best to offer many custom length, swing weight, loft, lies and grip size options, it will be impossible to meet every combination of length/grip/swing weight every golfer wants. We use a combination of weight ports and lead powder and a cork that we ram down the shaft when necessary.  We perform all our final swing weights WITHOUT THE GRIP on the clubs.

For example, if you order regular grips on your clubs and a swing weight value of D1, we will swing weigh one of your clubs with the grip on at D1. After, we will remove the grip and measure the swing weight without the grip. We will then swing weigh the rest of your irons and wedges with the same swing weight we measured on the club without the grip. This guarantees you get the same weight at the bottom of the club where it truly matters and takes away a slight out of spec grip weight variable.

In the case of shorter than standard clubs, longer than standard clubs, lighter or heavier shafts, heavier midsize or oversize grips, your desired swing weight may not be achievable. We always try to get as close as we can to your request but cannot guarantee it.

** Please take note that customers who reside outside Canada may be subject to duty fees and local taxes upon receiving their order depending on location.

** All orders shipped to Canada are subject to 13% HST.